Is This Murder?

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Episode #83
Aired 1949-01-16
Length: 28:40
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Frankenstein -- the films are better known, but the book is a respected classic. It's a story of humanity overstepping its bounds, and paying the price. It's a story of conflict between technology and soul.

A man who makes artificial limbs is disturbed by the obsession of his assistant with creating an artificial man. Dan, the assistant, has spent countless hours in the workshop working on his project. He crafts a complete working body, and is convinced that if he only had a brain for it he could make it live.

Suppose a man takes a human brain and puts it into a mechanical body. Suppose the brain goes on living in its transplanted state, an immortal, sentient, and self-aware being. Is this murder?

It's rather an awkward story to tell...

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