In the House Where I Was Born

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Episode #102
Aired 1949-05-28
Length: 27:41
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Once every year, the man returns to the house where he was born. He returns just before decoration day, unseen, observing each time the changes that have taken place. Every year things are different, the processes of time alter the house in various ways.

The man looks around the house where he was born, and he remembers. He recalls his youth, his family, and the long hours he spent there. As he stands there he can almost see the past replaying itself. The good moments and the bad moments, the pleasant memories of times shared, and the pain of separation, all return in memory. Then, after reflecting, he goes back to where he came from, not to return for another year.

Aired for Memorial Day in both 1948 and 1949, "In the House Where I Was Born" dramatizes reflections of the dead. An artistic masterpiece, it combines multiple perspectives to achieve a powerful emotional impact.

My face is dim in eternity now... but once you knew me."

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