In Memory of Bernadine

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Episode #25
Aired 1947-11-24
Length: 23:45
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A young man is returning home from the war. He's thinking of his wife, Bernadine, who he had left behind.

Bernadine was the man's reason for living -- she was his motivation for everything. When he joined the army and eventually had to move, he couldn't stand being separated from her. She came and followed him throughout his training. Then, after the war came and he had to go oversees, he was left only with memories of her.

Thinking of Bernadine removes the man's fear. With her, everything is perfect. Without her, nothing is good. How dependent can someone be on another person? What happens when that person is lost, and it's time to move on, yet it's impossible to move on?

How are you about depending on a woman? A woman you're in love with, I mean.
the man

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