I Have Been Looking For You

Noise-reduced version
Episode #2
Aired 1947-06-15
Length: 29:37
Size: 6.78 MB

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A man is looking for someone, someone he's been looking for his whole life. He doesn't know her name, but he'll never forget her. He sees her in the distance sometimes, a brief glimpse, but once he gets there she's gone. He's always thinking of her. He knows someday he'll find her, so he keeps looking.

A woman is looking for someone, someone she's been looking for her whole life. She doesn't know his name, but she'll never forget him. She sees him in the distance sometimes, a brief glimpse, but once she gets there he's gone. She's always thinking of him. She knows someday she'll find him, so she keeps looking.

It's an endless chase in search of a dream. The perfect person, the perfect happiness, is out there around some corner. Yet the search goes on, they so often come close but never quite meet. Even in their dreams they approach but can't quite cross the gap. Will they ever meet?

      I fight against the force that holds me, but I cannot move. What is beyond the door where the light is? Do you wait for me? Why cannot I reach you?
the man