I Always Marry Juliet

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Episode #44
Aired 1948-04-05
Length: 27:17
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A Shakespearean actor has arrived in a small and dusty room. He's there to apply for a part. He hasn't done much acting recently, but in the past his specialty has been "Romeo and Juliet". He's played the part of Romeo countless times.

This actor plays the part of Romeo, and he says he's spent his life marrying Juliets. Three times he's married actresses who played Juliet to his Romeo. Romeo marrying Juliet isn't the way Shakespeare wrote it though, of course -- it isn't the way he intended it.

If Romeo and Juliet get married, does that ruin the story and the tragedy? Or, does it just alter the tragedy? Fate has its own ways of dealing with things.

This is the destiny we spoke of, friend. This is your fate."

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