How Are You, Pal?

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Episode #14
Aired 1947-09-10
Length: 30:30
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Before you sit down to listen, you'll need a pencil and piece of paper. The beginning of this episode may be hard to make out, but you'll hear your instructions. You'll be told to write down three things: "yes," "yours," and "mine." Simply write those three things down on a piece of paper, keep the paper next to you, sit back, and listen to your pal as he tells you a story.

Your pal remembers the old days when the two of you got along so well. He also remembers the troubles and conflicts that developed. For a long time you never saw each other, but several times he learned of things you said about him.

If you don't remember your old friend at first, just listen a while. He'll jog your memory and you'll figure out who he is. More likely you'll know him first thing, though, considering what you did to him not very long ago.

You wonder how I'm talkin' to you on the radio, don't you? Well, pal, you can do so many things on the radio, if you're smart.
your pal

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