Dark Gray Magic

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Episode #98
Aired 1949-05-01
Length: 29:10
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What would a person do if presented with the opportunity to learn all the evil magic in the universe? Would absolute power corrupt absolutely? Would any normal person be able to resist using the power?

While waiting for the bus, Meredith buys a book on black magic from a second hand bookstore. Later, reading from the book to his friend Rumen over the phone, he accidentally summons a demon. The demon, named Boj, is faced with the task of teaching Meredith evil magic. Boj quickly learns that his student is an especially difficult one, who constantly makes mistakes.

Probably the funniest episode of Quiet, Please, "Dark Gray Magic" also offers an interesting view of evil. However much they may tempt, demons cannot act. Only a human being can give a demon power.

Don't you ever have any bad ideas?

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