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Episode #5
Aired 1947-07-20
Length: 30:25
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Gordon tells his friend Allen the story of Cornelia, who's now dead. Cornelia was his wife... but he's very glad she's dead.

Barbara was Gordon's childhood sweetheart, the one who he always loved. Cornelia was a beautiful girl who moved into town and could have had anyone, but decided that she was going to have Gordon, no matter what Barbara (or Gordon for that matter) thought. Cornelia spun a complex web to catch Gordon and get him to marry her. She never loved him, though... her only interest was his money. He came to realize he never loved her either, but by that point he was stuck with her.

This is a story of deception and scheming and hatred. It's also a story of love. Most of all it's a story of mistakes and tragedy.

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Does she think she can keep him when I want him?

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