Come In, Eddie

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Episode #26
Aired 1947-12-01
Length: 23:39
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The man who talks to you this week is living in the house where Eddie used to live. He's talking to Arnold as well as to you. Arnold has come by to ask for money.

Remember what happened to Eddie? Of course you remember... Arnold and the man who's speaking to you murdered Eddie six years ago. It was a profitable decision, and worked well... they haven't been caught yet. Still, they don't trust each other and they know that they have the power to ruin each other.

Now, in a cozy reuinion in Eddie's old house, Arnold wants more money to stay quiet. Yet, there's a distraction in the house. It's as though there's another person around. Events point the existence of a third person in the house: Eddie.

You believe in ghosts? Haunted houses? I gotta story for you."

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