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Episode #46
Aired 1948-04-19
Length: 29:10
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The house is old, damp, and always cold. Heinz has lived in it for sixty years, and it was old when he bought it. A younger man, Jesse, comes to live in the old house while he works on a book, unable to afford a better place. He has heard stories about the house. He has heard people call the house haunted.

Clarissa is the daughter of Heinz. She is always inside, never goes to school, never sees the sunlight. Every once in a while Jesse can hear her singing somewhere in the house. He never sees her. He asks Heinz about her, asks why she doesn't go to school, but gets no satisfactory reply.

Is it possible to live in the past forever? Can a person freeze time the way they want it, or will it inevitably catch up with them? When has a person lived too long?

It was an old black shell of a house... a house that had lived too long.

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