Bring Me to Life

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Episode #8
Aired 1947-08-10
Length: 29:15
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An author is in search of a story. He's approaching his deadline, and he has to get the script written in the next few hours, but he hasn't even started. What he needs most is an idea for a character.

The author's typewriter types a message when he's not touching it. It says "bring me to life." The typewriter wants to be the character. All it needs is some help, someone to tell it what to become. After some urging, the author begins to type. Whenever someone reads the text that he's typed, the story comes to life, line by line. The typewriter brings the words to life, or perhaps it's the author bringing the words to life through the typewriter.

Inspiration is often difficult to find. To come up with something to write every week can seem like a nearly impossible task. Sometimes the only way to get anything done is to relax and let the words flow, to supply the starting point and then let the characters and the story come to life from there.

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What I need is a character. Character, character, come on character.
the author

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