Berlin, 1945

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Episode #29
Aired 1947-12-22

Note: This MP3 is of the version rebroadcast a year later, as evidenced by the introduction. "Good afternoon. This is Wyllis Cooper. The Quiet, Please story we're bringing you today is a Christmas story that many of our listeners have asked us to repeat this year. And though Christmas actually was yesterday, after all it's still Christmas today, isn't it? This was Christmas day three years ago -- Christmas 1945, in a ruined house in Berlin, Germany. Five soldiers around a table beginning their Christmas dinner."

Berlin, 1945. The war is over, but the destruction and desolation remains. American soldiers reflect on their experiences, and on how much has changed since they left home. They eat and drink, joke, have fun, remember who they've lost along the way, talk about home, and look forward to returning home.

A stranger comes by. He doesn't have a home. He doesn't know anyone in the area. He doesn't have any identification. The soldiers invite him in to eat with them, and learn more about their mysterious yet strangely familiar visitor.

Yes, I suppose you could say I'm a displaced person.
the stranger

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