Beezer's Cellar

Episode #69
Aired 1948-10-10
Length: 29:14
Size: 6.69 MB

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There's an old cellar, crumbling and decayed, out at a fairly secluded location. An old man says to fear the cellar -- he says it's haunted by the ghost of a 6 fingered man.

A trio of young criminals decides to use the old cellar to hide the $82,000 they've stolen. They go down into it, into the darkness of it. They intend to bury the money there and come back for it later, knowing that there's no chance of it being disturbed since no one would go there. Once they're in the cellar, though, the walls suddenly look smooth and unbroken, and they can't find any way back out.

Justice can be a strange sort of thing. It can take many forms. In the darkness, in the depths of the earth, a fate awaits those who are evil. For any crime, the universe can devise an appropriate punishment to fit it.

      He never did build his house. He got the cellar built, then he up and hung himself.
the old man