As Long As I Live

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Episode #57
Aired 1948-07-19
Length: 24:40
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A man tells about his wife, a medium. He explains that she's a fake, does it for money. The psychic business can be very profitable, he explains, but very dangerous -- for it's not all fake.

Uncle Lars is coming to live with the man and his wife. Uncle Lars is 97 years old... he has money, so it may pay off to let him come live out his remaining time in their house. The man's wife and the old uncle quickly find they don't get along, though, and the uncle says she has "the evil eye".

When supernatural forces get involved, sometimes the past and the present begin to merge and mingle. Long buried memories resurface, aspects of the past come to life in the present. Evil long repressed rises up again.

You ever know a medium?"

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