And Jeannie Dreams of Me

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Episode #70
Aired 1948-10-17
Length: 19:15
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Dreams can often seem as real as waking life, or perhaps even more real. What is reality? How can anyone say for sure which world is the dream world and which is the real world? Is there only one reality, or are both worlds their own different but interconnected realities?

Some people have dreams that occur again and again, exactly the same every time. There's a path, lined on each side by trees. Troy, the dreamer, at first notes the completeness of the silence. As Troy begins to walk along the gravel path towards the great white house it leads to, he hears a song, Steven Foster's "Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair." He reaches the house, goes up the steps to the porch, to the big door, and tries to open it... but it's locked. He knows there's someone inside who wants to see him. The key is missing, though, every time. The dream, although mostly pleasant, is a dream of frustration. For years Troy can only imagine the woman who waits on the other side of the door, until one night he walks up the steps to find the key in the lock, and he enters the house at last.

Which is more important, dream or reality? Can a dream take the place of reality? How long can a person stay in the comfort of a familiar dream before the other reality comes and takes it away again... and what can a person learn from a dream?

Do you dream of long forgotten friends... of a hillside under the clouds... of an island in a sun lit sea? Do you know the desperate longing to return to the dream place, the hopeless nostalgia for the world that lies beyond the curtain of sleep? And do you ever return? Listen to me, for perhaps we are kin.

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