Adam and the Darkest Day

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Episode #73
Aired 1948-11-07
Length: 28:52
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There was once a place called Chicago. Before the dark days, a lot of people lived there. Millions. When the war came, Chicago and its people dissapeared, along with the rest of the cities and people on the Earth.

The world is a barren wasteland. The lakes are now marshes. The fish have become strange mutated creatures. There are three people left in Chicago, and in the world: Adam, Doc and Emily.

What's the future? What are the three remaining people going to do? Should the human species be continued, or would that in fact be a bad idea? Maybe it's finally time to just let things end...

Even in the dark days when Doc said it was safe to go out, I'd go out in the morning and walk along where the lake shore used to be. It's all swamp now, and there's some pretty weird things in it -- things that used to be fish, once, only they've gone through a lot of changes and they're not fish anymore.

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