A Time to be Born and a Time to Die

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Episode #93
Aired 1949-03-27
Length: 27:26
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Life can often seem to be a progression of stages. It's as though there's an underlying order in life, which although it manifests itself differently for different individuals is basically the same for everyone. The way the stages of life manifest themselves can be determined by decisions made long ago. The future can seem impossible to change. From birth to death, life sometimes can seem to be just a play being acted out, a script that was written long ago and can't be changed.

A man acts out his life. He starts at the bottom, working at a job with low pay and long hours. He has ambition. He'll do whatever it takes to get where he wants to be, and he won't let anything get in his way. Eventually he works his way up to become the president of the company. Over time his life changes, and his situation changes how he acts and who he seems to be... but he seems to have no control. The man wishes that he could undo his life, that he could change the way he has done things and will do things. He's unable to change it, though. He goes on.

Events and actions move along, seemingly out of control. Life is in many ways cyclical. Mistakes are repeated. Lives are lived over and over again.

You must begin.
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