A Night to Forget

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Episode #42
Aired 1948-03-22
Length: 29:05
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John H. is an actor on a supernatural radio show. He's used to dealing with the unexplainable, but only in scripts. When he begins to have nightmares of being dead, and aspects of the nightmares begin to extend into his waking life, it seems as though fiction and reality are merging. John H. assumes that someone is playing a practical joke on him... but he's unable to figure out how anyone could pull off anything so elaborate.

Events -- all unexplainable, seemingly supernatural -- conspire to warn John H. that he's about to die. He knows when and where and how it's supposed to happen, and despite the fact that he's normally levelheaded, he begins to consider the possibility that the threat is real...

"A Night to Forget" explores the thin line between dream and reality. The two, normally distinct, blur together until it's impossible to tell the difference between them.

This kind of nightmare is a little too real.
John H.

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