Short Stories

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Title Summary
Clarissa Old man and daughter live in an ancient house.
In The House Where I Was Born Memories of the house, war, people. Memorial Day program.
Dark Rosaleen After the death of his love, a man is taken to a strange place.
The Room Where the Stars Live In the 21st century, the mysteries of the building with nothing in it and the astronomer Van Dyk are revisted.


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# Title Summary Aired
1 Nothing Behind the Door An astronomer says a mysterious house has nothing in it. 1947-06-08
2 I Have Been Looking For You A man and a woman look for eachother their entire lives. 1947-06-15
3 We Were Here First Tiny beings fight an unending war against giants. 1947-06-22
4 The Ticket Taker A man tries to avoid eventually meeting the ticket taker. 1947-06-29
7 Inquest Surrealistic inquest with strange people and a visible radio audience. 1947-08-03
8 Bring Me to Life An author in search of ideas has a character come to life in his typewriter. 1947-08-10
9 A Mile High and a Mile Deep A mile deep in the mines below Butte Montana, something or someone lurks. 1947-08-18
10 Mirror, Mirror On the Wall Oliver's reflection takes on a life of its' own. 1947-08-24
11 A Ribbon of Lincoln Green An American in the British army tells his WWII story. 1947-08-31
13 Three Sides To A Story Three narrators collaborate on a story of their conflict. 1947-09-07
14 How Are You, Pal? Strange reunion with an old friend. 1947-09-10
15 The Big Box A trucker tells the story of his friend Cavanagh, now missing after an accident. 1947-09-15
16 Be a Good Dog, Darling An encyclopedia salesman tells a story about his wife. 1947-09-22
17 The Low Road A Scottish story. 1947-09-29
18 Not Enough Time Time travel and romance. 1947-10-06
19 Camera Obscura A murderer explains why he wishes he hadn't gotten away with it. 1947-10-13
20 The Girl With the Flaxen Hair Andrew searches for a little girl he's heard but hasn't seen. 1947-10-20
21 Don't Tell Me About Halloween Once a year, for centuries, a man has to spend a day with his wife. 1947-10-27
22 Take Me Out to the Graveyard A number of people ask a taxi driver to go take them to the graveyard. 1947-11-03
23 Three Sebastian tells how he became obsessed with the number three. 1947-11-10
24 Kill Me Again Mr. Davis sells his soul for a million dollars, and then dies within seconds. 1947-11-17
29 Berlin, 1945 Soldiers celebrate Christmas, plan, and welcome a strange wandering man. 1947-12-22
30 Rain On New Year's Eve Writer merges with the monster in his film. 1947-12-29
35 The Pathetic Fallacy A computer gives wrong answers when it feels upset. 1948-02-02
36 A Red and White Guideon A soldier from long ago tells of his comrades and the guideon they fought for. 1948-02-09
37 Whence Came You? An ancient Egyptian tomb contains terrifying secrets. 1948-02-16
41 Meeting at Ticonderoga unknown 1948-03-15
42 A Night to Forget John H. has visions that lead him to believe he's about to die. 1948-03-22
45 12 to 5 A DJ gets news from a half hour in the future. 1948-04-12
46 Clarissa Old man and daughter live in an ancient house. 1948-04-19
52 Below 5th Avenue unknown 1948-05-31
53 One Hundred Thousand Diameters Microscopic life forms are enlarged to a human scale. 1948-06-07
55 Let the Lilies Consider A man's wife is jealous of how much the flowers love him. 1948-06-28
58 The Man Who Stole a Planet Archeologist finds the Earth in an ancient Myan pyramid. 1948-07-26
60 The Thing on the Fourble Board An invisible creature escapes from deep within the Earth. 1948-08-09
61 Presto Change-O, I'm Sure Someone learns how to make things disappear. 1948-08-16
63 Motive A tale of a broken marriage in NYC. 1948-08-30
64 The Third Man's Story A long dead man tells how his jealousy of his brother brought suffering to the world. 1948-09-06
66 Anonymous A politician gets a call from a lady saying she hopes he drops dead. 1948-09-19
67 Light the Lamp for Me An old lamp allows time travel. 1948-09-26
69 Beezer's Cellar Criminals plan to store stolen money in a supposedly haunted cellar. 1948-10-10
70 And Jeannie Dreams of Me Dreams of a perfect woman alternate with a more painful reality. 1948-10-17
72 Calling All Souls An innocent man condemned to death pleads for help from the murdered. 1948-10-31
73 Adam and the Darkest Day A nuclear disaster kills all but three people. 1948-11-07
74 The Evening and the Morning A man kills the woman he loves, for an unusual reason. 1948-11-14
76 My Son, John A man calls his dead son back to him. 1948-11-28
77 Very Unimportant Person The world comes to an end. 1948-12-05
78 Rede Me This Riddle unknown 1948-12-12
79 Gothic Tale unknown 1948-12-19
83 Is This Murder? Man who's made a mechanical body looks for a brain that won't be evil. 1949-01-16
84 Summer Goodbye Man and wife escaping police notice that all the hitchhikers by the road look identical. 1949-01-23
85 Northern Lights Caterpillars and the aurora team up to conquer the world. 1949-01-30
86 Tap the Heat, Bogdan A steel worker tells how he murdered a man. 1949-02-06
87 Valentine Young lovers seperated for months are reunited the day before Valentine's Day. 1949-02-13
88 Where Do You Get Your Ideas? A drunk asks Wyllis Cooper where he gets his ideas. 1949-02-20
89 If I Should Wake Before I Die A scientist fails to see the harm his work is doing. 1949-02-27
90 The Man Who Knew Everything A man who knows everything explains that you're in danger. 1949-03-06
91 Dark Rosaleen After the death of his love, a man is taken to a strange place. 1049-03-13
93 A Time to be Born and a Time to Die A life, full of mistakes and missed oppurtunities, is lived. 1949-03-27
94 The Venetian Blind Man The man who knew everything returns. 1949-04-03
96 Shadow of the Wings Death tells stories to a little girl who is ill. 1949-04-17
97 The Veil of Glen Cove A Scottish story in Southern California. 1949-04-24
99 The Other Side of the Stars Aliens from Alpha Centauri. Continues thoughts from Nothing Behind the Door. 1949-05-08
101 The Oldest Man in the World A husband and wife and friend seek shelter in an ancient cave. 1949-05-22
106 Quiet, Please Repeat of 3/29/1948 1949-06-25