Original Modern Audio Dramas

In addition to the original productions here, I've also produced re-creations of the Quiet Please episodes A Mile High and a Mile Deep and The Venetian Blind Man.

To Spit in God's Eye
(September-December 2017 - 75 minutes - Science Fiction)
Full cast four part mini-series about the future of humanity, shattered by genetic experimentation into powerful sages and experimental shards.
Interviews in the Afterlife
(August 2017 - 18 minutes - Comedy)
A reporter for the St. Paul Times interviews god and the devil.
Meditation on a Leaf Blower
(July 2017 - 6 minutes - Comedy)
Treasure the soothing sounds of the wild leaf blower.
(June 2017 - 16 minutes - Fantasy)
Full cast drama about a San Francisco bum's visits to another world.