The Venetian Blind Man

Title The Venetian Blind Man
Message Text Paul, attached is an mp3 copy of The Venetian Blind Man.. or rather the partial copy of it, it's missing about ten minutes in the middle. I discussed it here a few years ago, it's from a transcription disk, the wav copy of it I received was presented in three sections: 1st part, then the ending, and then a very poor recording from the middle of the episode - it's in that order on a single file, you can take it and put it back in the proper order and then maybe someone can recreate the 10 minutes which are missing.

Several years ago I already put it in order and tried to clean it up a little, but now can't find that copy, I think it's on another computer in storage.So I'm just going to send you an MP3 copy of the wav directly from the transcription disc as I originally

I'm not actually supposed to distribute it, but what the hell, who's going to come after me?

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