Couple quick questions about Coopers shows..

Title Couple quick questions about Coopers shows..
Message Text Does anyone know specifically which "Crime Club" scripts were Coopers?
In my searches all I can find is statements like:

"..some of the more hair-raising scripts were done by Willis Cooper"

"..Cooper writes at least one script"

.."Stedman Coles and Wyllis Cooper (Lights Out, Quiet Please) did most of the scripts,..."

"..Coles adapted the majority of the scripts, with Wyllis Cooper and James Erthine filling in as needed..."

But none of them specify which scripts were Coopers.. Is this an unknown?

Also, Concerning "Lights Out"..
"...In the mid-1940s, Cooper's decade-old scripts were used for three brief summertime revivals of Lights Out. The surviving recordings reveal that Cooper was experimenting with both stream of consciousness and first-person narration.."

It goes on to mention "The Haunted Cell," rebroadcast 07/20/1946), and "Man in the Middle," from 1945, and a 1937 version called "Uninhabited" or "Christmas Story"as all being coopers scripts.. Are there any other surviving broadcast of Lights House which use Coopers scripts?

And Lastly..
Is there no surviving "Witches Hour" 15 minute episodes existing at all?

Thanks for any info

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