When and how did the episodes resurface?

Title When and how did the episodes resurface?
Message Text A couple things that don't add up.

Based an old post here: www.quietplease.org/forum/g...eral/the-original-115.html -
The 12 episdes which were originally in circulation in the 70's were...

1 The Pathetic Fallacy
2 A Red And White Guidon
3 Whence Came You?
4 Clarissa
5 Let The Lilies Consider
6 The Thing on the Fourble Board
7 And Jeannie Dreams of Me
8 My Son, John
9 Where Do You Get Your Ideas?
10 If I Should Wake Before I Die
11 Shadow of the Wings
12 The Little Morning

And later in 1992 according to Jay Hickerson's Guide to All Circulating Shows, there were 7 more discovered making it a total of 19 episodes..

13. It is Later Than You Think
14. 3,000 Words
15. The Third Man's Story
16. Symphony in D Minor
17. Good Ghost
18. One for the Book
19. Valentine

But this data saying that in 1992 there were only 19 episodes in circulation does not correspond with wikipedia and most every other source of information out there that over 80 episodes were discovered in the 1980s...

??? - This appears to suggest that the December 1992 edition of "Jay Hickerson's The Ultimate History of Network Radio Programming and Guide to All Circulating Shows" was extremely inaccurate. -- Or is there something I'm missing?

Also curious how the original 12 episodes surface at all..
It's said that the popular "Thing on Fourable Board" circulating in the 1970's was from Goldin's Radiola records.. Is this also where the other 11 episodes in circulation at that time came from? - or were they from diverse places?

Best from what I have been able to gather:

1. ALL of the 88 and a half episodes WERE KNOWN TO BE IN EXISTENCE in the 1970's and in the possession of the Paley Museum and the Goldwin Collection, but they were not in general circulation.

2. Chappels wife had donated all the transcription disc to the museum herself, but it was David Goldwin who had acquired all of Chappells first generation reel to reel tapes of those disc.. Is this correct??

3. Since it is evident that the Paley museum does not provide audio copies of it's disc available for the public, then it must be that all of the existing episodes in circulation were from Goldwins master tapes which are now in the possession of Radio Spirits..

Is this all correct?

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