Cleaned up episode 1

Title Cleaned up episode 1
Description Cleaaned up Nothing Behind the Door mp3
Message Text Hello all, I'm new here, tried to register a few days ago but for some reason the conformation email never arrived to my usual email, so I tried again with my gmail address and instantly got a conformation..

Anyway, I only recently heard of Quiet Please while reading one of Arcane Radio Trivia blog post. ( ).
I downloaded episode 1 and started to listen to it, but then stopped and opened up Audacity to see if I could clean it up some.. which I did. But I did not apply any kind of processing or colorization on the file.

Over a period of a couple days I manually cleaned every pop, scratch, and click I could get to (those which were not entangled with the spoken words) - I didn't just cut them out, but cloned perfectly equal timed portions of the same in place of it.. in other words, if a musical note was playing when a pop occurred, I would duplicate a portion from directly next to the pop or scratch and use it to replace the flaw.. so there is no differentiation in the audio content or runtime, or overall sound quality whatsoever.

It sounds the same, but better!

As I said, I used no form of processing at all.. Well, after listening to it in it's entirety I decided to make an exception.. From about the 15 minute mark until around the 23 minute mark there was just too much of a constant and distracting scratchiness embedded during the dialog that I decided it best to apply some noise reduction to it,, not always a good idea, but in this case it did vastly improve it. I really think in this case it was a good move.

I think this cleaned up mp3 I've done is worthy to submit here, as I think you will agree when you compare it.

Episode1 -Nothing Behind the Door (cleaned up) mp3 6.9mb

Let me know what you think!


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Submission Date May 21, 2014