"Nothing Behind the Door" 6-8-47

Title "Nothing Behind the Door" 6-8-47
Message Text Celebrated "Quiet Please's" 63rd birthday by listening to the debut episode in which Cooper takes us from an astronomy lesson about black holes to a bank heist to a shack that is surrounded by wire and designated as off-limits. He and his buddies want to use it to hide their loot, but are warned by a scientist that they shouldn't enter because it's not safe. And what's in there that's so dangerous? "Nothing."

I'll tell you what. I can imagine an audience of 1947 getting a few chills out of this episode, which a few years later very well could have been a candidate for "Dimension X" or "X-Minus One." It was kind of slow-moving at first, but really picked up during the last half..

I thought it was kind of funny how when Chappell wanted to go for a drink, he said he wouldn't go near alcohol before driving, but was perfectly fine with sucking down a few beers. He didn't consider beer alcohol. I'll try that one on my wife. I'm betting she doesn't agree.

Anyway, a huge thumbs up for "Nothing Behind the Door." Anybody else got some thoughts about it? I'd really like to get into a habit of listening to the series in order and stimulate some conversations. To quote Charles Whitley in that wonderful Twilight Zone episode, "Kick the Can," I... can't... play... Quiet Please... alone...
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