Question about "Summer Goodbye"

Title Question about "Summer Goodbye"
Message Text Took a midnight walk on a beautiful moonlit Chicago-area night tonight, and listened to "Summer Goodbye," all the while exuberant because we're heading full speed INTO summer.

Anyway, the show (as most Quiet Pleases are) was interesting, but I just... didn't... get... the ending. When I got back home I read the wonderfully presented transcript here, and I still... didn't... get it.

What the heck happened? A guy murders someone with his wife as an accomplice, they run, and then they're chased by a hitch-hiker who likes to start fires. All the while I'm thinking that this is the guy Noel killed, but then it turns out to be the ghost of a totally unrelated guy who also committed murder?

Why would he hassle Noel and Madeleine? And if this was all about payback, why would she be the one killed, when she didn't do the killing and was totally regretful that Noel did it? Were we supposed to feel good for her that she got the easy way out, rather than have to suffer through a hanging, like Noel was talking about earlier?

Hey, by the way, I've been a member of this forum before, but it was a long time ago and I guess I was eliminated with absence and time. But this walking program I'm getting into for the warm-weather months means I'll be listening to a lot more OTR while I'm putting on miles.

Thanks for having such a forum for Quiet Please. I wish there were similar ones for the other grand old radio shows from the 30s-through-early 60s.
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