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Message Text I discovered Quiet, Please a few years ago. I can hardly believe it's been that long, considering that I still haven't listened to all of the episodes. I'd been working through them chronologically, but gradually. I realized a while ago that my delay had afforded me an interesting opportunity. I have begun listening to the last batch of episodes on the sixtieth anniversary of the original broadcast of each. So doing has suggested to me another idea. I wondered if any other fans would be interested in utilizing the same opportunity, even if they've already listened to the entire run of the show several times. The anniversary of each episode turns out to be each Friday, this year, and there's still a good twenty episodes left. If a handful of people listened on the same day, we could then gather here on Saturdays and Sundays for a post-show discussion of each episode. Regardless of whether I get any responses, I'll probably go ahead and make a new post each Saturday with a few thoughts on the episode for that week, in case anybody takes an interest.
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