Transcription Discs - Redux

Title Transcription Discs - Redux
Message Text Hi all,

I was registered here a while ago but it seems for some reason my account doesn't exist anymore so I had to make a new one. Anyhow...

I know this has been asked here before but I figured I would ask again: Does anyone know what became of the actual ET's of the Quiet Please episodes now in circulation?

If I understand correctly, based on what I've read both here and elsewhere: at some point in the 1960's, Chappell made reel-to-reel copies of his personal collection of discs and gave these to Cooper's widow. Then, in the 1970's, J. David Goldin of Radio Yesteryear released copies of these shows on cassette (arrgh) taken either from the transcription discs (or, more likely, from the reel-to-reel copies which Cooper's widow had in her possession - I'm not clear on which). It's also my understanding that the majority of encodes of Quiet, Please episodes currently in circulation come from those Radio Yesteryear cassette releases.

I'm aware of the one disc listed in the library's holdings at the University of Indiana and the two allegedly held at the Museum of TV & Radio in NYC. But where could the rest of them - the actual discs - be?

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