QP at UMDPC - Pt2

Title QP at UMDPC - Pt2
Message Text Well, spam aside, lets continue.

I returned to day for about an hour. The majority of my time was spent reading the folder of LEGAL DISPUTE. Seems Earnest Chappel and Willis Cooper had a contractual agreement to share profits on QP 50/50. When Cooper died, and Emily cooper decided to sell off the scripts for money since nothing had been coming in for quite a while, she encountered ressistence in Willis. He demanded to be split in funds from any proceeds, and declaired himself the representitive of the franchise and was shopping it around.

indeed, Emily had to go get a lawyer, and the 3 parties spent over 2 years sending each other letters going back and forth with bitterness and dismay from "Chappie" and anger from Emily. Meanwhile, agents for Emily were trying to sell QUIET PLEASE to anyone as either the entire property ($60,000 lock stock and barrel) or selected scripts for ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS tv series (In fact, Hitchcock himself was presented many of the scripts for review and passed on them.)

Chapple reports to Emilys lawer that "I was will Bill until he aquired new management and when that manager left I reaquanted myself to him" and that "When they tried to turn Quiet Please into a tv series and tried to proceed without me, I declined and they called the series "VOLUMES 1 to 7" and the series had no Quiet Please content at all. In fact it had nothing to do with Quiet Please in execution, content, direction or tone. The title VOLUMES 1 to 7 is becasue I had bound the Quiet Please scripts into 7 books for myself."

There are desperate requests for scripts from Emily and Chappel to shop around because noone had copies. Requests for copies of the actual air broadcasts abound in these letters. Someone is mentioned as having them in storgae, which I think was the new agent Cooper had after QP went off the air. Chappel says that QP went off the air through no fault or action of his own.

The letters stop and no one budged. I dont know if there was a resolution.

Many times Emily or her new agent tries to adapt scripts for series. Chappel wanted to make a film series out of it. Cooper had adapted 7 scripts to tv form but the current lawyer\agent asks emily if she has them.

Interesting stuff.

I then went through some random scripts of QP that I had listened to for the first time ever this week. I noted again many cross out, line changes and additions on the spot. Any questions on spoecific scripts I would be happy to help you all. I am as interested as you.

lastly, to resolve the cliffhanger on the play: The "pop-pop" continues to talk to the girl and several more characters stop of the bench and interupt the meeting with his grandaughter, as did the sailors. An old woman with a toy dog, a young couple out for a stroll, and so on. The grandfather comments on how kind people are when you stop to talk to them. Then, as the time grows short for their visit, the cop returns with the old mans daughter and her husband. They refuse to leave him here, and demand he go home. He walks a bit, asks to be left for a few moments more alone, and says goodbye to the little girl, who is revealed to be a spirit. No big shocker at the end, no reveal on what happened, why this meetign is kept every year, and so on. In some way I was pulling for the girl to be alive and the pop-pop to be the actuall one that had died, but there you go.

more later, and Please ask questions.
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