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Title QP at the University of Maryland CP
Message Text Hello everyone!

My name is Wyatt and I work at the University of Maryland, College Park. While a lengthy intro to me is not yet in order here, its enough to know that my passions run the length of Silent films, through Serials, OTR shows of all kinds, Universal Horror and mystery, into Hammer Horror and endless complete tv shows from all ages. Through in a desire to own all the classic animation I can (Original Popeye, looney tunes, felix the cat, etc.) and you have someone born in 1969 with a eye firmly in the past behind me. Heck, I'd rather play ZORK or ADVENTURE then HALLO 3. smiling face

To this end, I stumbled upon the campus BROADCASTING ARCHIVES. Tucked away on floor 3 of one of the 3 libraries here on campus, this is a way cool site chock full of broadcasting archives from tv and radio. Every document that CBS radio ever produced; original trades and pictures from the silent era to the dawn of tv and well beyond, etc etc.

I talked at length the curator of the items, and he was kind enough to lead me into the locked archives room. This must be where the LOST ARK went at the end of RAIDERS. Endless rows of boxes full of actual real scripts, memoriabilia, studio tickets from radio shows - all archived into a show by show set of history.

As I always take 2 months at Halloween to listen to new (to me) radio shows (This year its THE PRICE OF FEAR, QUIET PLEASE - next year - THE SEALED BOOK, THE WEIRD CIRCLE) and 2 months of new (to me) classic horror movies (This year, tons of Borris Kaloff films, the entire LON CHANEY INNER SANCTUM MYSTERIES to name a few) I have been listening to Quiet Please - 3 episodes a day on the way home and on the way to work.

So, I mentioned this to him, and he said "take a look at these" and led me to 2 huge boxes that said "Quiet Please - The Willis Cooper Collections" - and while I didn't dig through every folder, we sampled one folder which was the actual script for an episode - not a photocopy - that was used to read the show that night. It was full of notations, cross outs and the like in different colors!

Needless to say, I will be back to investigate further - see whats all there, and how it can help us.

smiling face
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