Recovering Lost Episodes?

Title Recovering Lost Episodes?
Message Text Hi folks. Long-time lurker, first time poster. (Great site!) I’m just checking to see if there are any updates in verifying the existence of "The Venetian Blind Man", "100,000 Diameters", and "Below 5th Avenue".

I understand a recording of the former is supposedly held at the University of Indiana’s Archive of Traditional Music in Bloomington, and that the Museum of Television and Radio supposedly has copies of the latter two shows either in New York or Beverly Hills. There seems to be some discussion about this in previous posts a few years ago, but I’ve not seen anything recently. Has anyone pursued verifying these? Or even listening to/copying these recording?

It seems that the “Venetian Blind Man” is indeed at Bloomington, if their card catalog is accurate: Seems as if any Indiana resident should be able to get a guest pass and check this out (certainly an U of I student could… ).

Has anyone called the Museum of TV and Radio to confirm what they might have and what viewing listening (and recording?) options might be?
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