the thing on the forble board

Title the thing on the forble board
Description amazed to find this group
Message Text I am a 70 year old physician and author, addicted since childhood to radio. I was absolutely blown away when I found this group -- eerily I had just been talking to a friend about QUIET PLEASE, and that wonderful organ/piano opening version of the Franck symphony quiet movement. I wonder if anyone could tell me how to get the original episodes. EBAY only has them in an MP3 format -- are they out there in the usual CD format?

Given the fact that this group is here, was anybody around to hear LIGHTS OUT, SUSPENSE -- in its 'nonsustaining' summer time format, without commercials. The version of THE DUNWICH HORROR scared me out of knickers.

One could go on and on, but it's certainly great to find people who love this wonderful show. I do not know the composition of the group, but wonder if there younger people who have gotten into the show, and if so, how -- through parents etc.

Thanks again. Please feel free to Email directly at HRGSMES@AOL.COM

Website is When I am not in the office, I write about cinema, media, and popular culture.

Best. HRG
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