Quiet Please at archive.org

Title Quiet Please at archive.org
Description This post makes the suggestion of posting the Quiet Please mp3s at the Internet archive at archive.org
Message Text I've been browsing the Internet archive at www.archive.org and am amazed at what all is there. Movies, music and sound recordings. I started searching for old time radio programs and found that War of the Worlds is available there, as are the complete series Dimension X and X Minus One.

Since Quiet Please is in the public domain, and since that series is not represented at the archive, neither under its name nor under "Wyllis Cooper," it seems to me a good idea to make the mp3s available to them. Maybe scripts could/should be posted there, as well?

I don't wish to detract from the value of this site as a Quiet Please resource - I think this is one of the most comendable sites on the net. However, some kind of posting at the archive might help to spread knowledge of this great series. Perhaps a representation of Quiet Please at this archive.org will also bring about pressure to the holders of the missing episodes to consider releasing them.
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Submission Date Mar 08, 2006