The Thing on The Fourble Board questions

Title The Thing on The Fourble Board questions
Description Confused about the story
Message Text I don't know if anyone's still around here, or if anyone can clear this up, but I've recently started to listen to old time radio plays and yesterday I heard The Thing on The Fourble Board for the first time. It was certainly creepy, but I'm kind of confused about what happened.

So, there's this race of creatures that live below the earth that have the faces of children, skin like living cement, and the lower bodies of spiders? The narrator (Porky?) didn't come right out and say she had the body of a spider, but that's all I could assume. These creatures are hard of hearing and are blind (above ground at least) and invisible except when something coats their skin, at which point they can be seen and they somehow become capable of seeing. This is one trippy story.

Ok, if she has the body of a spider, how could he cover that up with a dress?

And was she really a little girl, or did she just look and sound like a little girl? When did he marry her? Why did he find her attractive, seeing as how she 1. was some sort of bizarre under earth unknown species, 2. couldn't communicate, 3. Had the face of a little girl, 4. Had the body of a spider, which is not only disturbing but especially unpleasant for Porky since he's afraid of spiders? There's no indication in the story that Porky is insane except that he "marries" this creature.

Here's something else I'm not clear about. The missing fingers. Whose finger with the ring did they find in the earth? What did it signify? Why did the creature take the ring back? Why was SHE missing a finger? Wait a second, it just occured to me... was it supposed to be HER finger? It just came off her and got buried in stone? And what about the guy whose neck was broken? She took his finger off just to get the ring back? Did she kill him, or did he just fall?

And how did he see anything up on the fourble board if she was invisible?

And what did she like to eat? I don't remember her ever eating anyone. Unless I missed something, she didn't eat the guy whose neck was broken. At the end of the story, Porky apparently has someone held captive and I can only assume the creature is going to eat him. But when did it become clear that she likes eating human flesh? And surely that couldn't have been her diet underground.

Sorry for all these rambling questions, but the story is just confusing to me.
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