Why so much "noise"?

Title Why so much "noise"?
Message Text Perhaps this is a technical question but I am wondering why so many of these recordings seem to be in such terrible shape? Were they recorded (transcribed) originally with so much hiss and crackle or did they acquire this damage from mishandling over the years?

Were these saved on tape or disk? Just curious because some shows sound extremely good and others are like listening to an audio puzzle where you are trying to hear two people gossiping in the next room with your ear to the wall and there is a hive of bees next to you buzzing away and there are several old box fans spinning as well and other people are talking loudly as well all at the same time and you are trying to make out what the original two people are saying to each other but only occasional words or bits of phrases make their way thru.

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Submission Date Jun 23, 2005