A fine tribute to Ouiet, Please

Title A fine tribute to Ouiet, Please
Description A great find for OTR fans
Message Text nodI have been a great fan of OTR for several years now and was already familiar with a few episodes of Quiet, Please, most notably, The Thing On The Fourble Board. It is a wonderful thing to make all of the existing episodes of the show available to either listen to or to download. Especially as there is no charge for this wonderful service.

I just want to say a big thank you for this fine service and this fine tribute to a truly great, underrated and one-of-a-kind radio series. It would be great if others would do the same for other shows and fans. It would also help to promote and maintain an active interest in preserving and keeping OTR alive-and-well for future generations of potential listeners to discover and enjoy for years to come.
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Submission Date Apr 08, 2005