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Posted Mar 18, 2009 - 11:09 PM:

Greetings, all! New member---and new Quiet, Please! fan---here. I'm quite curious: how many of Wyllis Cooper's original scripts survive---and where are they housed? A volume of collected QP! scripts was scheduled to appear in 1950, but apparently never made it to press. (See: www.geocities.com/emruf6/00.html). I don't suppose there's a manuscript or galley proof of this floating about somewhere? It would be terribly nice should someone finally bring such a book to fruition . . . But as the precise location of the original transcription discs remains a profound and confounding mystery, I don't suppose we should get our hopes up about the scripts. Alas! Alack! And---for good measure---Welaway!

At the very least, a bunch of original Cooper MSS (or reasonable facsimiles thereof) would make the work of preparing scripts for www.quietplease.org a good deal easier. Until then, I guess it's painstaking, deep-hearkening, pop-hiss-and-buzz-busting, ever-rewinding transcribing from what recordings survive.

That being said, I'd be happy to contribute to a transcription or two. It'll take me a while, however: I'm slow and beset by other (annoying---but paying . . . however meagerly) commitments. But I'll get something done, eventually. Is anyone working on "The Smell of High Wines" yet? If memory serves, that was a pretty noisy one. In any case, if no one's doing it, I'll see how much clean narrative I can disinter from the unquiet (audio) grave this episode has so unfortunately fallen into.

Quietly yours,


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Posted Mar 19, 2009 - 5:33 PM:

Welcome aboard!

All the QP scripts exist at the University of Maryland's Library of American Broadcasting and some of them have been posted in this forum. Astro1 posted a bunch of them years ago and I have been slowly posting the few I have. In fact, I have one more to go -- "Not Enough Time". And I do transcripts, too.

Would love to have you do "The Smell of High Wines" or any others you feel strongly about.

I posted something last month about the discs in the thread called "Transcription Discs - Redux." A collector claims they had been at the University of Florida and are now in New York at the Paley Center for Media (formerly the Museum of Television and Radio).

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