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Posted Oct 04, 2007 - 2:06 AM:

What is the most confusing Quiet Please episode to follow ?
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Posted Oct 04, 2007 - 4:51 PM:

For me, In the House Where I Was Born. I didn't get it the first 20 times, the narrator changing his identity lost me.

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Posted Nov 10, 2007 - 2:54 PM:

(not sure if this went through the first time I hit post)
I'd have to say "The hat, the bed, and John J. Catherine" - listened to it 3 times, and it still doesn't make much sense to me...

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Posted Jan 12, 2008 - 7:11 PM:

for me "it's later than you think" is the most confusing. i have listened to this episode countless times and the ending still makes no sense to me.
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Posted Sep 01, 2008 - 4:08 PM:

I have to agree with "The Hat, The Bed and John J. Catherine". While I Ernest's delivery, I can't make heads or tails out of the damn story.

So glad that I was introduced to this series, though. Absolutely engaging!
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Posted Jan 04, 2009 - 5:04 PM:

Old Cooper deserves credit for making some of his shows subtle enough to be confusing. Most the radio shows would hit you over the head making the twist really, really obvious. In fact, Cooper does this a few times himself, like in LET THE LILLIES CONSIDER. I guess he was worried we wouldn't get it if he didn't have the characters spell it out to to us. But usually, he just lets the last line deliver the punch, like on THE RED AND WHITE GUIDON.

There's a couple I couldn't hear the last line very clearly in due to the transcriptions. Thank goodness many of the scripts are posted.
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