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Posted Nov 19, 2003 - 10:16 PM:

Orginally posted by MS

Hey, Paul,

For whatever reason,'s "Vale of Glencoe" (97.mp3) file does not download for me. The file (97) doesn't seem to be listed on your mp3 page either:

Speaking of mp3 downloads, has a file for a December 1948 "Radio City Playhouse" broadcast of Cooper's play "Three Men" (originally done on "Lights Out!"):

Also, Ernest Chappell is the announcer for a 1945 episode of "Between the Bookends" in which he plugs Westinghouse radio sets with "the new kind of radio" -- FM!:

And episodes of Ellery Queen in which "Chappy" pitches Bromo-Seltzer:

Thanks for providing us with the url for this website. They have shows that I have been trying to locate for a long time
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