Of the 106 Quiet Please episodes broadcast, 88 full episodes and 2 partial episodes survived the ravages of time. Another 3 were repeats. So far we've re-made 3 of the missing ones with a complete cast, and 3 more with a partial cast, and other audio drama groups have made 2 more available to the internet. This leaves just a few more episodes in need of your help! Some parts are very small and require no acting skill, all you need is your phone to record on.

Episodes Needing Your Help

The Big Box - A long-haul trucking job takes a supernatural turn.

The Low Road - Extensive Scottish accent skills required!

Motive - The stresses of a noisy apartment and summer heat drive a man and his marriage to the breaking point.

Rede Me This Riddle - The paths of three kings cross far from home in a biblical story.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall - Oliver's reflection breaks out of his mirror.

Three Sides To A Story - A three way attempted murder.

A Mile High And A Mile Deep - Strange happenings in the mines below Butte, Montana.

Fully Cast Works in Progress

Completed Re-Creations w/ Complete Cast