Quiet, Please
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Wikipedia's Quiet Please Page

A growing, editable article about the series.

Quietly Yours

Quiet Please scripts, clips and assorted goodies.

Mark's Quiet Please Page

A good page, with lots of information about the series. It has a general section about the show, a section about Cooper and Chappell, and a section about the theme music. The site also has a log which conveniently mentions which episodes are missing (and presumed dead).

Quiet Please @ The Radio Horror Host

Offers an in-depth description of the series and what makes it special.

"Quiet, Please"... An Appreciation

An article by Ron Barnett, examining the series in a variety of different ways. The article gives a good history of how episodes came to be rediscovered, besides discussing how Cooper and Chappell created the unique mood of the series. For some unknown reason the article doesn't contain a link to the second part of it, which is here. This second part has, among other things, a list of the author's favorite episodes.

OTR Plot Spot

Plot summaries of individual episodes of many OTR series. Read up on an episode before you devote the time to downloading/listening. Also offers weekly MP3 downloads. Concentration in sci-fi.

The Mercury Theatre On the Air

A site devoted to the series which Wyllis Cooper did a little of the writing for. Also, Ernest Chappell announces. (Mostly he reads advertising for Campbell soup.)


Features a CD with MP3s of all 89 existing Quiet Please epsiodes for $5.


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