Quiet, Please
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Wyliss Cooper helping kids through college and doesn't like it.
Title Wyliss Cooper helping kids through college and doesn't like it.
Message Text I stumbled across this old newspaper clipping while googling, http://www.newspapers.com/newspage/5648992/

NEW YORK, (AP) — Wyliss Cooper is helping a lot of kids through college—and he doesn't like it. His doctor tells him he shouldn't g»t excited, but every- time) Cooper thinks about how the .students are milking him his blood pressure goes up like an Arizona thermometer in August. Here is how enterprising young scholars across the land capitalize on Cooper, author of "Quiet, Please," a weekly half- hour dramatic show on the Mutual network: '.'They write in fan letters to the network saying they enjoyed the program and asking for a copy of the script. When they get it, they stick in a few 'he saids' and 'she saids' and 8...

Not sure of the date, and you have to be a member to access the entire article (which I'm not not interested in paying for).
I don't see this one in the press clippings here, perhaps some one has access to it already?
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