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Posted Sep 26, 2003 - 10:10 PM:

I'm reading William Hawes' book _Live Television Drama, 1946-1951_ and there's a few items about Cooper which I've assembled into a chronology:

Based on the radio series that Cooper created in 1934. NBC broadcast four episodes in 1946, then revived the series for TV in 1949. For the premiere episode, producer-director Frederick Coe adapts a Cooper radio play:

Dramatic anthology series, a collaboration of the American National Theater and Academy and the National Broadcasting Company. Apparently, a version of Frederick Coe's 1946 adaptation of Cooper's radio play airs:

[In the 1950s, Coe would produce an entire TV series entitled "First Person Singular"!]

Cooper produces and directs the premiere episode of this brief CBS TV series (01-19-1950 to 03-30-1950) which is based on the famous radio anthology series of the same name:
01-19-1950 RUGGED JOURNEY - A reporter finds himself on an ice floe in the Arctic. Script by Howard Rodman, based on the short story by Franklin Gregory.

Cooper produces and directs this CBS TV anthology series. The title refers to "a superstitious number no sound stage would use."
04-19-1950 NOW YOU KNOW - Patrons disappear from a Third Avenue saloon. Script by Draper Lewis from a story by Philip Macdonald.
05-10-1950 MIDSUMMER'S EVE - Pat O'Malley, Richard MacMurray, Emily Barnes
05-10-1950 NEVER MURDER YOUR GRANDFATHER - Leslie Nielsen, Barbara Bolton
05-17-1950 PERMISSION TO KILL - Alice Reinheart
05-24-1950 THE LAST MAN - Vinton Hayworth
05-31-1950 NOW YOU SEE HIM - Dennis Harrison
06-21-1950 YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED - James Monks, Jane White
06-28-1950 NO MORE WISHES - Donald Briggs, Lucille Patton, Phil Sterling

Fred Coe had produced and directed four episodes of "Lights Out" for NBC in 1946 but the series was revived on July 19, 1949 and ran until September 1952. Cooper contributes at least one script to the TV version of his old radio show:
06-11-1951 PIT OF THE DEAD - directed by William Corrigan, with John Dall

Cooper writes at least one script for this TV drama anthology series:
05-11-1953 KING COFFIN - An adaptation of Conrad Aiken's novel. A copy of the script survives at Bowling Green State University.

Hawes' book deals only with CBS, NBC and BBC live drama so Cooper's work for others is not listed. But, from another source, I know he was involved in at least one another series (which began just before "Quiet, Please!" ended in the summer of '49):

Cooper writes and directs this ABC TV series from 06-16-1949 to 07-21-1949. There were six episodes.
06-16-1949 THE BELLHOP'S STORY - Bank robbers hole up in a hotel room. Jack Lescoulie, Nancy Sheridan, Frank Thomas, Jr.
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