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A Red and White Guideon (Episode #36)
Looking for Episode #36 file

Comments on A Red and White Guideon (Episode #36)

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Posted Jul 01, 2004 - 9:16 AM:


I found

the QuietPlease site entirely by accident (a google search that happened to turn up the page for Episode #36).


wanted to download the MP3 file, but the link http://solo.solosystem.com/~pgk/quietplease/36.mp3 just comes up with a Not

Found error.
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Posted Jul 01, 2004 - 9:54 AM:

The webmaster ran out of

space on this server and about sixteen episodes, which had been available on a second server, are now missing in action.

However, another website, Cyber49er, has streaming RealAudio files of these episodes. To access them, you have to go to:


Then click on "OTR Archive," then "Drama," then "Quiet


There's also a trancsript of A Red and White Guidon at:



Apart from Guidon, the other currently missing episodes appear to be:

Sketch For a Screenplay

Beautiful Upon the Mountain
In The House Where I Was Born (version 1)
Wahine Tahiti
The Man Who Stole a

It's Later Than You Think
The Thing on the Fourble Board
The Evening and the

Dialogue For a Tragedy
Shadow of the Wings
The Vale of Glencoe
Other Side of the Stars
The Hat, the

Bed, and John J. Catherine
Quiet, Please
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